The day I found out….

We were in San Diego for a quick getaway as well as my fiancé was testing for the Police Department. For weeks I had been feeling weird, never having been pregnant before, I had no idea that what I was starting to think was going on was true. I had been carrying a pregnancy test in my purse for days, hesitant to use it because what if I was wrong? It would be a waste of money and just another heartbreak if my period started. There I was, the morning after we had arrived, just waking up and no period, two days late. Two days may not sound like much, but since I went off birth control six months ago, I have had an absolutely regular schedule of 28 days, never early and never late, but I was on day 30, and there were no signs of my period. Of course, I had basic symptoms, I was a little bloated, my breasts were super tender, but it didn’t feel right, something about my body was beginning to feel extremely foreign to me. My bloating worse than I had ever had and suddenly I found myself to be extremely gassy as well. All of it added up to one thing, and as I woke up that morning, I knew it was time.

While my fiancé was nervously getting ready in the room, I slid the bathroom door shut and as quietly as I could I unwrapped the foil around the test. Now, of course, this was one of the hotels that just had a sliding barn door instead of a traditional door with a lock. All I could do was pray that he didn’t walk in while I was peeing on the test. As I finished, I hid the test in my purse which I had stashed in the bathroom the night before under some ridiculous lie and washed my hands. A few minutes passed, and I checked on him, he was busy watching TV waiting for room service breakfast to arrive. Nervously I grabbed the test and nearly collapsed as in digital words it read “PREGNANT.” My hands shook, and I could barely breathe as I tried to pull myself together enough not to blurt it out. He had a big day ahead of him, and I did not want to distract him from his big test. So I bit my tongue. When I came out of the bathroom, I hugged him and gave him a kiss, telling him good luck and that no matter what it was going to be a good day (little did he know!).

I dropped him off for his test and set to work waiting for the shops I needed to open to get the perfect items needed to tell him the good news. Out of pure disbelief, I found myself purchasing another test, which again read “PREGNANT.” My heart nearly stopped seeing it. For six months we had been trying to conceive with no luck at all. I know it’s not long, but we were becoming anxious about if there were medical issues or if we were completely incompetent at calculating ovulation, but there it was, in perfect digital letters on two different tests, taken hours apart. I was completely shocked and also excited to start my shopping adventure. Now, if you know San Diego, you know Seaport Village, one of our favorite places. Three years ago, we took our first vacation together to this very place, so it only seemed appropriate that I found the perfect gifts to tell him that we were expecting.

My first stop was a sock store, this may sound weird, but we have a thing for fun socks, so it seemed perfect. Wandering around I found the perfect pair, black with gray block lettering that said “Dad’s sock.” on one and “Dad’s other sock” on the other. Casually I purchased them and made my way to the next store, a mug shop. Again, odd, but it’s one of our things. I found the section that has those “Greatest Dad Ever” mugs and browsed through them, finding one that specifically said, “New Dad,” and had a stick figure of a stressed looking man on it with some perfect quotes. Again, I had found another great component and purchased it. Then it was time for my last stop, the stop that was most important, a year-round Christmas store. One of our favorite things is decorating for Christmas, we have so many ornaments that it is ridiculous. My original goal was to find one of those “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments without it saying boy or girl on it. When I discovered they were out of those, I was sad because more than anything I wanted an ornament (little did I know that my due date would be December 22nd).

I kept looking around, just seeing what they had when I saw it, two snowmen with their hands locked in front of them with the words, “We’re Expecting” painted across it. It was perfection. I purchased it and headed back to the hotel knowing I only had another hour or so before my fiancé was ready. Back in the room I pulled my purchases out and began to arrange them. I stuffed the socks into the mug with the lettering sticking out and then secured the ornament on top. I didn’t have anything to wrap them in so I settled for just putting them in a bag and figuring I would think of something.

Impatiently I waited for his call, and my heart raced when it was finally time to pick him up. It had been almost seven hours since I had found out and keeping it a secret was killing me. As I drove to get him, I was close to tears and was overly anxious to get to him. I waited in the car as he awkwardly changed his clothes in a parking lot and then got in the car and said hi to me with a kiss. I told him I had bought him a present and told him to close his eyes. He assumed I had gotten him one of the metal puzzles that he loved, but instead I handed him the mug. He opened his eyes and just stared for a second as realization dawned on him. He just looked at me and gasped, “Babe, are you?” As I just nodded and started to cry, holding two pregnancy tests in my hand.

He started crying then and lunged over to hug me. After six months of trying, we had finally done it. I was pregnant 🙂